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The Spring Clean Your Skin Will Love

The Spring Clean Your Skin Will Love

3 Sep 2019

Spring has finally sprung! Time to trade in that beanie for a sun hat and those warm socks for a pair of woven sandals. Just as you would change over your wardrobe, it’s a good idea to revisit your skincare routine.

Now don’t freak out, I don’t mean a total overhaul. All you need is a few new friends to wake your skin up from winter hibernation.

TIP #1
Buff away dry, dull skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. Contrary to popular belief, we actually do need to exfoliate when the skin is dry from winter’s cold. This helps with the regeneration process allowing new cells to emerge for a youthful radiance. Exfoliating also unclogs pores and clears the slate, so to speak, allowing the rest of your skincare to effectively nourish and repair.

We recommend Infiniti Facial Scrub, our microdermabrasion retexturizing cream. The stand out here are our biodegradable microbeads that are gentle on your skin and on the environment.

TIP #2
Boost hydration. Obviously, with the days warming up, you’ll notice the extra oil and sweat build-up too (especially in the Australian heat). Try to incorporate as many hydrating formulas into your routine. Also, a quick spritz of hydration during the day can cool you down and normalise skin function.

We recommend Aloe pH Freshener. This versatile facial mist replenishes hydration, refines pores, refreshes tired skin and can be used to set makeup in just one spray.

TIP #3
We all love soaking up those sun rays, but unfortunately, UV rays aren’t as kind on the skin. Even if you’re popping out to the shops for a few minutes it’s important to lather on sun protection. Don’t be afraid to double up either. An SPF moisturiser and sunblock create a double barrier while giving your skin an effortless glow.

We recommend Tinted Nourishing Cream which has SPF 15 protection as well as Aloe Sunblock SPF 30.

TIP #4
Go through your beauty cabinet and throw out any skincare bottles that are passed their expiry date and even bottles that have been opened but have sat idle for four or more months. Old formulas may do more harm than good for your skin.

Tip #5
Give your makeup brushes and sponges a good clean. You should really do this once a week, but in the spirit of spring cleaning - a new season is the perfect time. Don’t forget to wash the brushes that have been sitting dormant, as they would have been catching dust, allergens and harmful bacteria as they sat on your beauty bench. A good clean will be the perfect reset.

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